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    Do you have a TESOL, CELTA or TEFL qualification? Did you qualify anytime since January 3rd 2020? Do you want to use your qualification to help everyone learn English? Would you like to teach in an academy with in country support and a range of other benefits?

    If so, apply now for IberiaTeacher! Learn more below.


    95 days ALL EXPENSES PAID English teaching, learning and enjoying

    Iberia Teacher

    What is it?

    IberiaTeacher is an EU funded Erasmus Plus scheme, run in partnership by Red Ochre in London, 3Si in Seville, Synopsis Practice in Lisbon, plus partner academies in the UK, Spain and Portugal. Iberia Teacher will provide over 100 placements in 2018-2021 for you to use your teaching skills in English academies and in the community in Seville, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal. We are an intergenerational scheme that aims to give people of any age a chance to exchange learning about their vocation and other aspects of their lives. We've had participants from 18 to 61 years old on the scheme!

    Why have we set this up?

    Intergenerational and cultural understanding and multilinguism

    Seville and Lisbon have a significant amount of people who would love to learn English (perhaps from someone like you). And whilst in Seville or Lisbon, you'll be receiving a lot of lessons too: about yourself and teaching as well as life lessons from the people and the Iberian places where you live, work and hang out. For that reason, we call the scheme, "IberiaTeacher" - you teach and get taught by the place at the same time.


    Secondly, recent census figures showed that across the UK, 900,000 people have either no, or poor spoken English. They can face significant barriers in participating fully in local, national and European life. There is a need for high quality, trained teachers who can think creatively in how they teach, where and when. That could be you!

    What's involved?

    Here's how it works...

    • Placements last 93 days (plus two travel days) – or just over 3 months.
    • Upcoming groups will be from January 3rd to April 7th 2021 and April 9th-July 12th 2021.
    • We have spaces for 18 people in Seville and 6 people in Lisbon - so we are recruiting for 24 newly qualified teachers. You can apply here.
    • You will get full expenses paid. That means we pay for your accommodation, flights, bills, 24/7 in country support, travel insurance, flight transfers AND you get a grant of 130 Euros per week for your food costs and local travel.
    • Train and teach in well known English academies and schools in Seville: OUIEAConecta IdiomasOC LanguagesLope de Vega ColegioYesSarah English, TEC Sevilla and others. Or Centro, EasyTalk, Linguagest, Berlitz and other academies in Lisbon. We will provide you with job descriptions and tell you more about these during interviews. 
    • Your own room in a flat in central Seville or Lisbon. You’ll have your own room and share a lounge and kitchen with two or three others who are also on IberiaTeacher. That way you'll have peer support and meet other newly qualified teachers like you.

    Other benefits of joining us

    Teach AND learn a language, be with a group of newly qualified teachers and learn the rhythm of life in Sevilla or Lisboa...

    • Rapidly boost your Spanish or Portuguese skills. You'll get one free lesson a week with our qualified language teachers in Seville and Lisbon, plus access to intercambio language exchanges and an online EU language learning system. You do not need any Spanish or Portuguese language skills to join us!
    • Develop your skills and experience. Placements will vary but generally you’ll start off with an orientation week, move to shadowing activities before assisting and running your own classes. To find out more about how Iberia Teacher benefits your work, you can watch this video of Rhian's day at Lope de Vega in Seville. Or you can read case studies of previous participants: Tajah, JudeKurtis and Laura and read the testimony below.
    • Continuous in country support from a friendly team who’ve done it. Our partners, 3Si are based in Seville and Synopsis Practice in Lisbon. Both staff teams have taught languages and speak fluent English. They’ll support you in your placement and your care whilst in Spain and Lisbon. Check out 3Si's Facebook page.

    Don't miss out on a chance to improve your teaching with EU funded Erasmus Plus support

    Who can apply?

    Please read carefully

    Anyone with a TESOL, CELTA or a TEFL (or any other teaching qualification) gained since January 3rd 2020 can apply to Iberia Teacher. (This is because Erasmus is for people who are currently learning or have less than 1 year's experience).


    Whoever you are - you can apply for our scheme. Our criteria is simply focused on people who are kind and curious, as well as fully committed to English teaching, to enjoying their time in Seville or Lisbon and to contributing something positive into the mix of the city's life whilst there. Obviously in the time of COVID19, our placements and scheme will have additional challenges so this is not a time for applications if you feel this sort of thing is a huge and totally daunting step.


    Due to funding rules you must also be a UK National or any other EU citizen, but based in the UK or with a UK address. We can't accept applications from Spanish citizens (for Seville - you can apply for Lisbon) or Portuguese citizens for Lisbon (you can apply for Seville however).


    How to apply


    Applications for IberiaTeacher are closed and will reopen on November 1st. Our next group will be for January 3rd to April 7th 2021 for both Seville and Lisbon. *Approximate dates. Exact dates to be confirmed upon registration. Get in touch if you have any questions in the meantime.


    A placement on IberiaTeacher for January is obviously dependent on the COVID19 situation. Our current groups in Seville and Lisbon are teaching and finding their way with the new measures. We will continue recruitment as usual and then make assessments in December to see if the January-April group is still possible then.


    When applications are open, to apply, please send three things to the Founder of Teach Seville – Martin Cooper: martin@redochre.org.uk

    1. Download and complete an application form to send.
    2. Your CV
    3. A photo/scan of your CELTA/TESOL/TEFL certificate. If you do not have this yet - an explanation why (e.g. you are still studying).

    If you have a preference for either Seville or Lisbon please state this in your application or email as it is very helpful. If not, that is also totally fine.


    We’ll then select candidates for Skype interviews.


    It may take time, but we will be in touch with ALL applicants with our decisions. Whilst we receive many applications and have limited resources, responding to everyone who applies is important to us.


    If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with Martin

  • Impact

    What do 2018-2020 IberiaTeacher Sevilla alumni say about us?


    were satisfied with their IberiaTeacher experience!


    On average, participants make three good, long term friends on our scheme.


    Churros were eaten by our participants :-0



    Download our infographic with more information from our evaluation about jobs, skills, Spanish learning and challenges.

    Start something new...

    "Having struggled with my self confidence due to abuse in the past, being able to go to Seville, and getting the stipend, free flat and so on, gave me a chance to start something new. It helped me to realise that I was more self reliant and capable than I'd believed, and that many more things were open to me than I'd ever imagined. My self confidence improved enormously, and it was the first step on the road to recovery and making a new life for myself."

    Beth, IberiaTeacher alumna, 2020.


    Some nice things previous participants have said about IberiaTeacher

    Life changing

    "I just want you to know I have really appreciated everything you have done for us. Iberia Teacher is probably the best thing I have ever done and I don't want it to end!...I never thought I would have the confidence to move to a new country and teach English, but this scheme made it possible because of the brilliant support I received. I owe this scheme so much, it has completely changed my life!

    " Participant, March 2018

    Special times

    "Thanks again for having me on this remarkable experience. It really was very special..” Participant, December 2019

    A wonderful challenge

    "I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this wonderful opportunity! I think Seville and the work placement has had its ups and downs, like most things, but I have had an incredible time and loved this experience very much. I feel like I have really developed as a teacher and made some really great friends as well." Participant, December 2019

    Open horizons and perspective

    "Thanks once again...I can’t tell you what your accepting me onto IberiaTeacher and the Erasmus programme has meant to me and my life; it’s just opened everything out again somehow!" Participant, July 2019

    I couldn't have done it alone

    "I’ve absolutely loved my time here. It’s been a unique, amazing experience and I owe that to you, 3Si and the programme - there’s no way I would’ve been able to do this otherwise. So yeah, thank you.

    Participant, December 2019

    One of the best...

    "I'd like to say a big thank you for coordinating this project. It has definitely been one of the best things I've ever done, and I'm so grateful I got the opportunity to take part.” Participant, December 2019


    “I wanted to express all my gratitude for everything so far. It has been a great pleasure to meet all the lovely people that run or take part in this programme. It was nice to be welcomed with so much care since we put our feet on Andalusian ground. Love the area where we live, love the flat, love my housemates and the school where I will spend my time in the next few months developing my professional life." Participant, Iberia Teacher September 2017

    Two years on...

    “I would just like to add that two years on from completing the scheme, I still feel very sentimental and grateful for my time in Seville. It was the best experience of my life and I loved every minute of it! I developed personal and professional skills and would like to say thank you so much.” Participant, 2020

    Pathway to employment

    "I just wanted to say thanks for everything and for letting me be a part of IberiaTeacher. It really was an amazing experience and provided me with exactly the experience I needed to start working as an English teacher. Aside from that, it was loads of fun and I was able to visit a lot of beautiful places! I’ve got a job for the summer in Valencia so I’ll be heading back to Spain next weekend, I almost can’t believe it." Participant May 2017

    Unique experience

    "I honestly can't thank you enough for organising the IberiaTeacher scheme. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to take part in it, as it seems like something truly unique." Participant, March 2018

    Highly recommended

    "I highly recommend the IberiaTeacher Program. I felt well supported and thoroughly enjoyed my time in Seville, because it’s a unique opportunity that I will value tremendously throughout my future career. I am very grateful for being accepted onto the scheme, and I hope that it continues to get funding for years to come, because I think that it’s something that will be invaluable for so many fledgling teachers." Participant, May 2016

    The full package

    "I just want to say one more thank you. I’ve had an absolute whale of a time in Sevilla. Life here has been great; I’ve met loads of great people, improved my Spanish dramatically, I couldn’t have wished for better colleagues. My students were great and I enjoyed every single lesson." Participant, December 2015

    The academy and students

    "Today while I was preparing my lessons for tomorrow, I felt how much I will miss that place, the academy and especially my students and the time spent with them. Some of them are planning to visit London during the summer, so I might have chance to see them again – which makes me happy. I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU for everything what you have done for me and for us as a group. Thanks to you I had a really unforgettable experience which was a huge plus for my career prospects and life.” Participant, March 2016

    Back to Seville!

    "Thanks for everything! I'm madly packing up my flat in UK to return to Seville on 3rd January for my new teaching job! Participant, December 2019

  • TEAM


    Martin Cooper

    Founder of IberiaTeacher,

    Red Ochre

    Martin takes care of business from London and ensures recruitment, preparation and evaluation runs smoothly. He wishes he could have done something like IberiaTeacher.

    Bruno Riobó

    Head of Pastoral Care, 3Si

    Bruno handles the overview in Sevilla and takes care of accommodation. He's also a Spanish teacher and fount of all Seville knowledge.

    Irene Cortijo

    Project Co-ordinator, 3Si

    Reeny works on project monitoring, accommodation and academies in Sevilla. She is also a translator and fluent in knowing what it's like to move to another place and get on with it.

    Antonio Rosso

    Project Co-ordinator, 3Si

    Antonio works on recruitment, and academies. He also organises our fantastic community teaching project in Sevilla. He has a PhD and is a quick learner...

    Eloy Miranda

    Project Co-ordinator, Synopsis Practice

    Eloy takes care of things in Lisbon, making sure accommodation, academy and school liaison, community project and Portuguese lessons are all up to scratch. Phew.

    Uday Thakkar

    Overview, Red Ochre

    Uday is co-founder of Red Ochre and as a Chartered Accountant and social entrepreneur, he takes care of the financial stuff.

    Fátima Gutiérrez

    Project Support

    Red Ochre

    Fátima helps out with recruitment. She brings previous experience of co-ordinating the Sevilla placements to supporting the London team.

    Robert Foster

    Project Support, Red Ochre

    Robert is also co-founder of Red Ochre and provides support and insight across programme activities.


    Iberia Teacher is a partnership of organisations in the UK and Seville, Spain, led by Red Ochre in London

    Our partners

    UK, Spain and Portugal

    Iberia Teacher is made possible through the support of some of the leading language schools in the UK and Europe.


    All applicants from our partners get priority access to Iberia Teacher. And if you have yet to get your English teaching qualification then WEBridge Academy, The English Studio, and B3ST would be the best place to start!


    We are also delighted to be working with Third Sector International (3Si) in Seville - one of Europe's specialists in hosting participants in Erasmus Plus schemes and an Anglo-Spanish organisation who provide exceptional pastoral support and placements for Iberia Teacher. You can learn a bit more about them and the Iberia Teacher team in this video. After years working together we have expanded to Lisbon and are loving working with 3Si's sister organisation, Synopsis Practice.

    Erasmus Plus

    Be part of the Erasmus experience

    Iberia Teacher is funded by Erasmus+ through the European Union.


    Whilst the UK is still in the European Union and negotiations about it's exit are continuing, you will be part of a wider movement to help people to study, train and get work experience in different European countries. Grab this highly valuable experience and opportunity whilst you still can...

  • Sound good?

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    To apply please send us your application as detailed above. For any other queries the best way to get in touch is to email Martin or if not you can use the form below.

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    CAN Mezzanine
    49-51 East Road
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